Chapel Lane

Chapel Lane Launch Party in HOORAY! Magazine - Out Now!

Jenna Elsby

Well this has certainly given us a good dose of the old butterflies this morning! Seeing the fantastic Chapel Lane Launch Party in print today was pretty darn exciting for a drizzly Monday that's for sure. An awful lot has happened since that glorious evening in March, but it's so good to relive it in all of it's decadent and hedonistic glory.  

There are some exciting times ahead for Chapel Lane, and a lot of fabulousness in the pipeline, but this event holds the most special of places in my heart. It was so much fun; relaxed and informal yet completely rock and roll at the same time, and above all oh so intimate. I'll never forget looking down the long banquet table in  my humble back yard, and seeing the smiling faces of some of my nearest and dearest chatting, feasting and laughing above the candle light and beneath the stars.

For me it was the embodiment of my vision for Chapel Lane, a place where people can collaborate and create experiences that are quirky, generous and 100% personal. Be gone hotel function rooms and stuffy cookie cutter events! You are banished forevermore. There's a new chick in town and she knows how to throw a party.

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Enjoy! Have a fabulous week.

Jenna x


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