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When you go to a party, whether it is of the casual dinner variety or something that requires lipstick and heels – for us music is the essential factor.

There is little more jarring then going to a restaurant that has totally mis-matched the music to the dining experience (think say, Death Metal over crab linguine….) or even worst, has no background music at all. I have a favourite little Japanese near where I live, I love going there to eat, but I’m afraid to say it is what you call BYO atmosphere. It has everything you would want, friendly staff, authentic food, great wine list but no buzz and no music! All you can hear are the hushed conversations of other diners, too frightened to let out a cough or God forbid laughter, due to the deafening silence that hangs in the air.

That said, whenever I have friends over for dinner, or even a simple quiet Sunday brunch at home, I pay close attention to what’s playing in the background to set the tone.  You cannot just whack the old iPhone on shuffle and hope for the best. Your mates don’t need to hear your best 80’s movie soundtrack/gym motivators when they pop round for Sunday beers, just as the in-laws most likely won't appreciate Nicky Minaj’s “Anaconda” over dinner - even if it’s on there purely for the irony. I am not ashamed to say I have a few “Dinner Party” play lists on my iPhone that are tried and tested favourites to avoid the iPhone shuffle misfire. 

To celebrate the launch of Chapel Lane, a few months back, we had a beautiful outdoor dinner party. Autumn had only just arrived, so the evenings were still just warm enough to dine under the stars and we took full advantage. I’m still listening to the playlist from that night, and even as I sit at my desk with winter fast approaching, the songs take me right back to that fabulous evening. 

Here is a sample to add to your own dinner party collection, or to simply start the slow warm up for the weekend ahead.

Happy Listening! Jenna X

Playlist information:

Jazz et the vert – Souleance
La Vie En Rose – Daniela Andrade
Wicked Game – Bossasonic
Love Will Tear Us Apart – Nouvelle Vague
Feather – Little Dragon 
Is This How You Feel? – The Preatures
Once Around the Block – Badly Drawn Boy
Fade Out Lines – The Avener
King of the Rodeo – The Bamboos
Since I Left You – The Avalanches