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Winter Weddings

Jenna Elsby
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Sat indoors on this dreary Friday afternoon, I’m daydreaming of winter weddings.  It could be because I have a very special wintery wedding of my own to attend in the not so distant future (as a bridesmaid, not a bride), but there’s something about them that just gets me going. 

Being a naturally cold-climate dwelling mammal, reigning from rural South Wales in the eternally “nippy” United Kingdom, it’s a time of year I feel rather comfortable in.  The colours, the food, the clothes, the boots, the jackets, the textures… I could go on. To then combine all of that in it’s decadent, rich and sumptuous glory in a wedding scenario – to me, is a marriage (excuse the pun) made in heaven.

The costs for venues are usually lower and you can take your pick out of the best products and suppliers compared to the jam-packed, bridezilla-gonna-smack-you-down-to-get-the-last-imported-Vera-Wang summer season.  I also think it takes the sting out of the whole  “is it going to rain on my wedding day, what about my hair!?” scenario as people are primed to expect chillier weather. It’s a win win.

There is a classic old-world charm and inherent romance to the backdrop of a winter wedding. The flickering candlelight, (faux) fur stoles, guests snuggling under blankets, all remind me of an old black and white movie where those couples break out into spontaneous song about their love and everybody around them joins in to the merry tune… ah those were the days!

But back to reality, there is so much creative scope outside of a spring/summer wedding and here at Chapel Lane we’re excited to see what this chilly season brings.

Have a warm and cosy weekend.

CL x

Image source: Wedding ChicksThe Perfect Palatte.