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Breakfast for Mum

Jenna Elsby
chapel lane mothers day breakfast 1
chapel lane mothers day breakfast 2

This Sunday will be my thirtieth mothers day as a daughter and my second as a mother, how lucky am I?

Truth be told, we never celebrated the occasion much growing up – save for the obligatory home-made card and half-spilt breakfast in bed, carried up the stairs with my sister amongst stifled giggles. My mum, the most self-sacrificing woman I know, somehow managed to make even that day more about us. It became less about celebrating her, but rather our artistic achievements in creating a shrine to honour our garish creations.

Maybe it’s with getting older, or maybe it's in becoming a mother myself – but I have never loved or needed my mum more.  She, as all mothers should be, is my best friend, my confidante, my biggest fan and my harshest critic. She is the eternal hostess and homemaker, and I owe all my fusspot, attention to detail, love for design and nesting instincts to her.

Whatever your traditions are to mark this day, may I suggest it starts with a simple – I love you, thank you and a hug… and then maybe breakfast, mums love breakfast.

Here is a simple but decadent breakfast idea from British food blogger and culinary genius, Izy Hossack from her celebrated Top With Cinnamon site - which I follow religiously with a smile and a rumbling tummy.

Recipe: Ricotta Hotcakes with Honeycomb Butter

Enjoy this special weekend.

With love,

CL x