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Get the Look: Romantic Meals Style Guide

Jenna Elsby
Modern Meets Medieval Romance Tablescape

Modern Meets Medieval Romance Tablescape

So I've been asked what I would recommend as the essential key buys to achieve some solid looks for home entertaining.  In the fashion world every great wardrobe has those capsule items, that are classic and timeless, so why the hell can't your cupboards house some go-to investment pieces too I say?

Sure, if you're trying out a very specific theme or look then additional items need to be bought/begged/borrowed/hired (but never stolen..), but it's pretty easy to build up a nice solid collection of reliable pieces that can be re-used and recycled time and time again.

My most recent workshop - Romantic Meals - is an example of a classic table scape, that relies on the very neutral and versatile investment pieces that we are talking about here. That said, let me break it down for you so you can start a collection of your very own.  I've got your back sister (or brother), fear not.

Clockwise from top:
Lace table runner
Serving paddle
Oval serving plate
Glass three tiered stand
Cheese knives
Small brass candle holder
Classic dinnerware collection
Distressed cutlery collection
Blush cut glassware
5 arm brass candelabra
Fleur glass tumblers

Colour, texture, and contrast can be added with flowers, herbs, fruit, berries etc. but here you have the foundations from which you can build many a sexy little dining table of dreams. 

You're welcome.

Love Jenna x

Tickets for the next Romantic Workshop are still available: Saturday 4th February, 2-5pm. Click on Workshops in the menu bar for further details.